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Faith is a Washington, DC based yoga instructor who has a passion for beauty, movement, love, and soul freedom. In her quest to share her passions and eclectic yoga teaching style, Faith incorporates her Louisiana upbringing, yoga philosophy, modern mystical sounds, and the purity of breath to awaken and ignite the spirit of flow in the body and soul. Faith is known to infuse the principles of shraddha (faith), ishvarapranidhana (surrendering to the Divine), nada (sound), and ashima (endless/without boundaries) into her teachings. She is the creator of life and yoga concept, embrace your flow™, a philosophy that speaks to awakening and honoring the divine energy of life (prana) that flows through your soul, and using that force to live a passionate life. Faith has been called “Spiritually Fly & Hip” because of her dynamic transformational spirit and soulful modern approach to the practice of yoga. Faith is also the founder and owner of yoga studio Embrace, and the creator of  embrace your flowYoga Teacher Training Program (registered with Yoga Alliance), and has been training yoga instructors for many years. In addition, Faith is on the May 2010  and June 2011 covers of Yoga Journal, she is a social activist, freelance writer, and yoga podcaster.


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